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Real Estate Agent Defined

What Type of Real Estate Representation Do You Need?

Let’s Define “Real Estate” Agent

While many people assume that anyone in real estate is a REALTOR®, that actually is a specific term that refers to a licensed real estate salesperson who belongs to the trade group National Association of REALTORS®. The phrase “real estate agent” is a blanket term that can apply to a buyer’s agent or a seller’s agent, depending on the context and their role in the process. However, bear in mind that a real estate agent who doesn’t specifically identify themselves as an exclusive buyer’s or seller’s agent will act as a dual agent. It is difficult to keep loyalty to one side or the other in the transaction leaving the risk of receiving fewer objective property
recommendations based on your needs as the buyer or seller.

What Is a Buyer’s Agent?
A buyer’s agent is a real estate professional who is legally licensed to represent the buyer and their best interests in real estate transactions. Conversely a seller’s agent, works for the current property owner and has their best interest front and center.
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What is a Seller’s Agent a/k/a Listing Agent?
A seller’s agent, often called a “listing agent,” is the one who is listing the property for the seller. A seller’s agent is working for the seller and responsible to keep their best interest front and center. A seller’s agent wants to sell at the highest price with the
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Dual Agent … Can you really have “Two” masters?
A dual agent means that the agent can represent you as a buyer agent and represent the seller in the same real estate transaction.
As you might imagine, that may not always work in your favor.

Bottom line …
In real estate depending on which side of the fence you are on it is wise to enlist a buyer agent or seller agent representation who will be your best advocate during the buying or selling process.

As your agent:
I provide 5-Star White Glove real estate services exclusively as a buyer’s agent OR seller’s agent. I work on one side of the transaction at all times to keep my client’s best interest front and center.

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